The secrets of Online casinos Casino Watcher:
As in the traditional casino with a full-time censorship through the presence of security men and effective surveillance cameras around the clock, also in the online casino there is an electronic control that monitors players and in the event of finding a player who cheats and theft will be deleted and remove the player from the casino .

Earnings of the casino:
Casino games, each with its own conditions as well as the percentage of the casino’s earnings from the players ‘ profits, check the terms of the game before the beginning of the play as there are casino games share with the player between 5% to 15% while other games share the player by approximately 1.5%. Choose the game that gets you to profit and for the casino, make sure the profit rate is the lowest. When you win a high-yielding game of casino, this does not count as a win because of the loss of a large percentage of profits.

Example: Roulette strategy provides for picking a game of European roulette instead of American roulette and it is due to the profit possibilities available in the casino via the European Roulette game. As for the returns, the rate of profits earned by the casino from each player’s winner, as the European roulette reaches the earnings of profits up to 2.70% or in American roulette up to 5.26%, due to the presence of the additional number of 00 in the American Roulette game.

Play with profit money:
When you win and see that there are profits in your hands, we recommend that you divide your money into the initial amount that you started playing, and the amount that you won through the game. Then when you lose all the money you won, you won’t be the loser. That’s for sure because you’re going out with the value of the money you started playing.