The book was issued by the former friend of the French President Emmanuel Makrion, Valerie Treervalier (29), revealing the details of their affair and the circumstances of their separation.

The excerpt from the book entitled «Thank you for this moment» Merci pour ce moment (at 320 pages), details about the story of her love with the president lasted nine years, and began when he was still crafty with Secretary Segolin Royale, the mother of his four children, and touched on what happened in the bedroom in the palace of the AL When Trivaller knew about the relationship between Holland and French actress Julie Gaer, 36, who was visited by the President on New Year’s Eve disguised as a motorcycle.

“That’s right, then?” , she asked Trefler Holland on their bed when she discovered a photograph outside of the apartment where she was being used to betray her with Gaer. I felt that “everything collapses”, and recounted that a year ago she was ignoring the rumor about his relationship with the actress, and never imagined that he could betray her, but it collapsed when she saw the pictures that topped the French and international media that day. And I got a bag of sleeping pills. Francois was caught trying to remove the sack, ran into the room, grabbed the bag, tore it up, spread the beans on the bed and the ground, and swallowed what she had been able to swallow. I wanted to sleep or live the next few hours. I felt the thunderbolt that would hit me and I didn’t have the power to confront it. I wanted to escape. I fainted. ”