The mother’s menstrual cycle in women may be a concern and tightness for many females, and sometimes it can cause a female to hinder her daily work, as well as affect her psychology significantly, so what is the menstrual cycle mother? What’s the reason? What about her symptoms? What options are available for treatment? To answer these questions, my dear reader, follow this article.

Menstrual cycle or dysmenorrhea is a pain in the lower abdomen, may extend to the back or upper thighs in some cases, and the pain is severe, especially before the menstrual cycle several days, and at the beginning of the onset of the cycle, these pains may be only symptoms are not serious and ends as soon as the female pass a birth test, but it is a It may also relate to certain pathological conditions such as uterine fibroids, but in a small percentage of women.


The mother’s menstrual problem is a general problem for almost all females, but there is a group of females that is more susceptible to these pains such as:

Female should be under 30 years of age.
The early onset of puberty, less than 11 years old.
Severe bleeding during the course.
Irregular menstrual cycle.
The female who has not yet been pregnant.
Similar cases exist in family history.